Restored Clarity of 20/20 – A Community Event

We are Taking 20/20 Back by Giving it Away


The year 2020 (or as we like it 20/20) was supposed to be our year – we are eyecare professionals that strive to achieve 20/20 vision all day everyday.  We did not see this coming.  
Rather than carry resentment towards 2020, we decided to take back the good connotation of our favorite number.    
Throughout November, with each patient purchase of iGreen Hi Tech Frames, both ready to wear and custom designs, SeePort Optometry will provide an eye exam, frames and lenses to a person in our community that is in need struggling with less than perfect vision.  This year has taken away a lot of things so we are going to do what we can to give back. 

Here is how it works: 

♥ A patient purchases an iGreen frame in our optical when choosing eyewear.
♥The patient will pick an icon that has been randomly assigned to a community member in need.   
♥This will ensure that HIPAA is respected by keeping it anonymous.  
♥Team SeePort Optometry will contact the prospective patient to schedule an exam and eyewear fitting. 
♥The patient will receive new eyewear, and restore clarity to the world around them.  
♥20/20 ends with a community that can see clearly thanks to their neighbors.

What You Can Do: 

  • Fill out the form below to nominate someone in our North Port Community that needs eye care and eyewear.  This person may be struggling in school, at work, driving, or enjoying activities they usually love.  

  • Who can be nominated?  Anyone that is struggling to see but may not be able to afford eyecare right now.  Some examples of candidates: 

    • Students – teachers, please nominate kiddos you see having a hard time in class or on the computer

    • Hospitality Employees – Servers, Bartenders, Cooks, Restaurant Owners, Host/Hostesses

    • Airline Employees 

    • Theme Park Cast Members or Employees

    • Retail shop owners and employees

    • Healthcare workers within an practice deemed non essential or elective

    • Assisted living or nursing home residents

What We Do:

  • Between November 3rd and November 14th, when patients choose an iGreen from our inventory or design their own custom frame, we will contact a submitted nominee to schedule them for an appointment.  

    • Why November?  In 2009, November 3rd was the day we opened SeePort Optometry’s doors.  Construction had finally completed and we were ready to serve the community.  
    • Exactly 11 days later, on November 14th, Dr. and Mrs. Hicks were married on Siesta Key! 
    • The rest is history……..
  • The nominee with then be welcomed into our practice as a patient, receiving a comprehensive eye exam from Dr. Hicks as well as a frame and single vision lenses.  

Restore Clarity of 20/20 Nomination Form

Nominate someone in the North Port Community that needs a blessing of vision care.
  • We are thankful to assist in such a nice gesture. We would love to know who you are, but if you choose stay anonymous, we respect your wishes. Fill in the name as "Life Changer" in the box.
  • All Nominations will be assigned an icon to conceal identity (HIPAA). With each eligible sale, the patient chooses an icon who will then be contacted by SeePort to Schedule their Care. Nominations do not guarantee we will provide services and products, but ALL nominations will be designated an icon, giving everyone the same opportunity to receive the gift.
  • We will need to contact the patient if they are selected. Phone Number, email or physical address are all acceptable info to provide. It is helpful to let the person know that they have been nominated, some people may think we are scammers when we call and offer free healthcare.
  • Please let us know where you heard about this event.

Patients get to choose an icon below that is assigned to the nominees.  We have to keep the information HIPPA privacy protected!