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April 29, 2020




While we are all at home, let’s have a coloring contest! Choose a picture to color (please abide by the age suggestions) and return it to us via email or FB messenger. We will post the entries as we receive them. At the end of the contest, whichever picture has the most likes/loves will win. There will be one winner for each picture. The winner can choose some new sunnies! We have kids sunnies, teenager sunnies, and adult sunnies. Good luck and happy coloring!


1. Choose picture
2. Print and Color 
3. Either scan in finished picture or take a picture and post the entry to our Facebook event page SeePort Coloring Contest
4. Ask friends and family to like/love your picture so you have a better chance of winning!
5. No purchase necessary.
6. No filters allowed!
7. If you would like to color digitally, we can add a digital category, let us know!
8. Invite anyone you know! We can ship the prize sunnies anywhere.
9. Only 1 entry per person per picture. Enter as many categories as your age allows!
10. Go to seeportoptometry.com and browse our virtual frame gallery! Winners will be able to choose a frame from the INVU line.


Entries are Below.  The Picture corresponds to the PDF file so you can use either.  









Eye Parts Numbered 1st – 5th Grade PDF




E is for Eye Preschool PDF



Anatomical Eye High School Age PDF


Anatomical Fill In the Blank 5th – 8th Grade PDF


Mandala Style All Ages – PDF


Eye With Fancy Eyelashes – All Ages PDF





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