COVID Info for Contact Lens Patients

Contact Lens Prescription Information  


****  Contact lenses, now more than ever, should be thrown away on required schedule, not slept in, and cleaned daily.  We strongly recommend that you have backup eyewear in addition to your contacts.  Glasses will actually give your eyes protection from COVID 19.  WASH WASH WAS YOUR HANDS BEFORE REMOVING OR INSERTING CONTACTS ******* 


We would like to assist our contact lens patients by extending contact lens prescriptions with expiration dates between February 1st 2020 and April 30th 2020.  Prescriptions that expire during this time frame may be extended for 6 months.  Someone from our office should be contacting you concerning your expiring prescription.  You can contact us by emailing or calling 941-876-4400 to request the extension. 

ORDER ONLINE THROUGH OUR WEBSITE!!!  Click here to visit our online contact lens store.

If you do not know your contact lens rx, give us a call and we will assist you.  

Any contact lenses ordered through SeePort will be mailed directly to you at no additional charge to our patients.  If you are eligible for contact lens benefits through your insurance, you are welcome to use that benefit towards your contact lens product, just be aware that once you use up the benefits, you will be paying out of pocket for the remaining contact lenses you purchase until your next eligibility date.   

Contact lens products are required to be paid in full before we ship them to you.  This includes any amount due over your insurance benefits.  

If you are able to find contact lenses less expensive though other resources, please contact us and we will see if we can price match.  We want to keep your business if we can.  



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