COVID Info for Medical Eye Treatment

We would like to take this moment to remind you that we not only examine eyes for glasses and contact lenses, we also provide assessment and care for eye injuries, eye infections or eye pain and irritation.  We encourage you to choose SeePort for any of these issues not only to receive the most specialized care for the eyes, but also to decrease the burden of patient volume in  Emergency Rooms, primary care doctors and urgent care centers.  These types of visits are billable to your medical health insurance.  See below for accepted insurances.  

Dr. Hicks is able to video chat with you (telemedicine) and/or triage your case over the phone if you prefer.  Please call the office and the staff will schedule a time.  

If you are currently under the care of Dr. Hicks for Glaucoma, Dry Eye or other ocular medical conditions and are in need of medication refills, please contact the office and we will assess if Dr. Hicks can authorize additional medications.  

Examples of Medical Eye Care:

  • Red Eyes
  • “Pink Eye” 
  • Itchy Eyes
  • Painful Eyes
  • Discharge and/or eyes sealed shut in the morning.
  • Eye Injuries (blunt force trauma, metal in the eye, scratch on the eye)
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • New Flashes or Floaters
  • Loss of/reduced vision

Medical Insurances we accept:

  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
  • Aetna
  • AARP
  • United Health Care
  • WellMed
  • Cigna
  • Some PHCS plans – including Christian Care
  • We also provide services at a reduced cash rate for patients enrolled in our SeePort Solutions program as well as the Epiphany Plan.


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