COVID-19 Prevention Update – A Letter from Dr. Hicks

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February 18, 2021

To my dearly loved patients,


I am incredibly sad to see COVID become so prevalent in our community again recently.  I personally know more people ill with COVID at this very moment than in all previous months of the pandemic combined. There is an alarming number of healthy adults and children suffering from COVID all around us. 


Some of you may not know how many vulnerable patients we care for in my practice.  I examine immunocompromised patients, elders and children daily.  Many days there is at least one patient from each of those categories in the office constantly throughout the day.  I feel strongly I need to protect these patients, my staff and my own family by insisting that anyone entering my office wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.  This is non-negotiable.  And to be clear, I don’t like it, either.  However, I have chosen to put forth as much effort as I can to stop the spread of COVID.


I want my high risk patients to feel comfortable coming into my office when they need eye care.  I do not want them to have to decide if the risk of coming in is greater than the risk of living with their eye infection or loss of vision.  I want patients to know that if their glasses break, they run out of contact lenses, or they need an updated prescription, Team SeePort and I are ensuring the office is being operated with the highest sanitation standards and safety recommendations and we are excited to SEE them. 


While vaccinations have helped with the pandemic, they have clearly not eliminated it. As a reminder, vaccination is not 100% effective, the entire population is not vaccinated and some patients are not eligible for the option to get vaccinated.  We do not want to attempt to crack the code of who is or is not vaccinated or potentially ill, therefore everyone is required to wear a mask in the office, no exceptions.  I have plenty of disposable masks available to patients who do not bring their own.  I am more than happy to provide you with one when you need to see me.  There will be instructions on the front door to request a disposable mask from a Team member. In addition to the mask please expect to:


  • Refrain from entry if you have symptoms or if you have been exposed to someone with symptoms or verified COVID. If you have needs please call us to discuss solutions. We can still provide virtual services or arrange delivery of materials.  This is not our first rodeo, we know how to help you.  
  • Limit entry into our office for anyone other than the patient and needed health advocates or guardians for minors.
  • Text us upon arrival at 941-876-4400 to notify us you made it.  We can communicate easily through text and will bring you inside when your exam room is empty and completely sanitized for your appointment.  If you are unable to text, please call the office as you are leaving your home.
  • Try on as many frames in the optical as you would like.  We sanitize every frame that was taken for a test drive. Our new and improved UV light eliminates any and all germs.  If you would like to decrease your time spent in optical, please browse our inventory and try them on at home through our virtual frame gallery.


I am grateful to you for your help and understanding. As always we remain thankful and ready to help protect your vision, health and life. 


Thank you and Stay Healthy,

Dr. Hicks



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