Treatment of Infections, Pain and Injuries

SeePort Optometry invites both established and new patients to call on us when they feel like something just isn’t right in their eye.  Dr. Hicks can assess and treat pink eye (conjunctivitis), swollen eyelids, eyes with mucous discharge, red eyes, or itchy eyes.  These symptoms can be attributed to either a bacterial or viral infection, which Dr. Hicks can diagnose, then suggest a treatment plan.  

We also invite eye injuries to be treated at SeePort.  Metal or debris in the eye is particularity important to be seen right away.  The eye tissue actualy starts to grow over the foregin body in an attempt to heal itself, making the extraction more difficult as time goes on.  

Please visit our pages below to read more on these types of visits.  


These types of visits are considered medical by nature and therefore billable to medical insurance.  Please visit our insurance page to confirm we accept yours.  We do not accept any HMO plans or Medicaid plans.  Cash pay is always an option, fees are based on the complexity of the visit.  




Flashes and/or Floaters

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