The Glaucoma Solution

The Glaucoma Solution is designed for patients diagnosed with glaucoma and do not have health insurance that will allow the testing and treatment.   The monthly fee does not include any prescription eye drops provided by the pharmacy.  


  • Annual comprehensive eye exam with dilation
  • 4 office visits throughout the year to monitor pressure
  • Annual diagnostic testing including:
    • Visual Field to determine vision loss
    • Photography of the optic nerve and fundus
    • Gonioscopy 
    • OCT – Scanning laser to measure thickness of the tissue and any changes from year to year

Visit our Glaucoma – Testing and Treatment page to see examples of the data we collect for diagnosis and management at SeePort.  


Visual field test in a healthy eye vs. an eye with advanced glaucoma.

Slide to see the difference.

Healthy VFVF

Vision through the eyes of a glaucoma patient. 

Slide to see the difference.

Healthy Vision GAffected Vision G