My Version of Jimmy Buffett's Incommunicado

I’m ready to be on vacation you see

That’s what Jesse Hicks said

Our rendezvous is so LONG overdue

With all of the times we’ve moved our bed


This is needed by me

it may make sense in time


But now I’m incommunicado

Driving the truck down the road with my bed in it

Wheels with no bravado

This sure was a long way home


Now on the day that the Island died

I found myself driving on I- Seventy Five

Tell me where do we go from here?

Guess I’ll go Orlando to escape this whole year

I think of the island and happier times

I can’t believe that dream is gone


But now I’m incommunicado

Leaving such a hole in my world that believed

That a life with such bravado

Was getting to our next great home


So when I finished the last move

I put the key by itself on the shelf

with my heart on it

Never wasting time

Trying to get back home


You know I’m never wastin’ time

Closing the next great home 


Still I am incommunicado

Looking at my dock going into the bay

This life with such bravado

was finding our “Hicks Landing” forever home

2021/09/27 12:31:40
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