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Medical Insurance

Major Medical Insurance is designed for medically based services such as evaluation and treatment of cataract evaluation, glaucoma, dry eye treatments, eye infections, foreign body removal, or diabetic eye care to name a few.  SeePort Optometry provides medical treatment for ocular conditions in the office daily and have extensive knowledge of insurance billing.  We do highly recommend our patients understand what their annual deductibles are, co-pays for specialist visits and plan limitations, as it is almost impossible to be certain of every plan with every carrier.  We always request your insurance information when scheduling and research your benefits prior to your visit in case we can force any issues with your claims.  If you have specific questions about your medical insurance or what they cover exactly, please call the customer service number on the back of your card for detailed information.  


Previous Patients:  If you have an HMO plan, you will be asked to contact your primary care doctor and get a referral to our clinic prior to your appointment.

New Patients:  We do not currently accept new patient with any HMO, our apologies.    

Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance is considered an additional benefit with major medical insurance companies or with your employer.  Vision insurance will pay for what is considered “routine eye care” such as glasses, contact. lenses and the correlating exam to produce the prescription for eyewear.  We collect insurance information from our patients at the time of scheduling in order to research the benefits and confirm coverage prior to appointment.  In order to access this information, Team SeePort needs:

Name of Vision Insurance Company (this is different than your Medical Insurance)

ID number (if available) or Social Security Number

Date of Birth of Primary Insured

Date of Birth of Patient

Zip Code of Primary Insured

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    Prescription Eyeglasses
  • null
    Refractions to Determine Prescription
  • null
    Prescription Sunglasses
  • null
    Contact Lenses

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