Online Optical Gallery – Try On Glasses From Home

Welcome to our Virtual Frame Gallery where you will try on frames we have in inventory.  Shopping prior to your appointment helps narrow down the selection and save time!  Try different styles, shapes and colors, you never know what you will find.   Some tips to make it easier:

  •  Create a Wishlist when you find a frame you like.  The list is sent directly to our optical team.  Tariq and/or Kyle will have the frames ready for you to try on in real life and some other suggestions based on your selections. 
  • Use the filter feature.  You can narrow down your choices by:
    • Color
    • Shape of Frame 
    • Material (Plastic or Metal)
    • Frame Shape
    • Adults/Kids/Men/Women
    • Brand
  • Try on different styles.  You never know if you like something different if you don’t try.  Many of these styles can be ordered in different colors, keep that in mind if you like a frame but not the color.  
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to our staff and ask.  We are happy to help you look, see and feel your best.