Prescription Lenses

Prescription Eyeglass Lenses
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Your distance vision is blurry.  You have difficulty seeing road signs, the TV across the room or leaves on trees.  You may also experience headaches and get tired easily.  

You cannot read small print or anything close up.  You arms are no longer long enough to read.  

Kids show signs by not paying attention in school, resisting schoolwork, sports or playing with others.    Constantly straining to see what is in front of you can cause fatigue and frustration.  It is possible that some behavioral issues with kids are related to their lack of clear vision.  Can’t see = get bored = find something to keep their attention = not reaching their full potential.  

Imagine walking on a car lot that has every make and model vehicle available with every single feature, upgrade, color and price tag.  How would you know where to even begin?  You would probably start with what is somewhat familiar and then stumble upon something cool you never knew was available or affordable, right?   That same magnitude of choices and options can be related to prescription lenses.  Listed below are some common needs we hear from patients regarding their vision.  When you find something that you can relate to, read up on a solution available.  SeePort Optometry has partnered with one of the best labs in the county to provide our patients with the clearest most comfortable vision they have ever had.  We have the knowledge, skill and product availability to offer you a solution to your blurry vision.  

Progressive Lenses

Ever Wonder How We Make Your Glasses?

    Single Vision Glasses - Decrease Blur in Distance or Up Close Only

    Eyeglass Lens Materials:

    • CR-39-most people refer to this type as “plastic” lenses. This lens is light weight compared to glass (which for safety reasons we NEVER recommend), and may be made in just about all prescriptions.
    • Trivex – a lightweight and thin option, Trivex is preferable to polycarbonate.  It is impact resistant for safety, thin for ascetics and optical superior for your vision.  
    • Polycarbonate-because of the way this material bends light in a different way than plastic lenses, your lenses will be thinner than the same prescription in plastic lenses.  These lenses also have the added benefit for those frequently outdoors, under fluorescent lights, or using computers in that they filter ultra violet light naturally, blocking 99% of the damaging light. 
    • High Index-the higher the index of refraction the quicker the light will pass through a lens, so less actual lens material is needed meaning the higher the index, the thinner the lens. These lenses are helpful in higher power prescriptions.

    Computer Eyeglasses are wonderful If you spend a lot of time at a computer. You’ve probably experienced some eye fatigue because your eyes stay focused at a specific distance for long periods of time. Computer glasses are designed for intermediate(25-35”) and near(16-18”) distances. This will give you the best correction for these distances and avoid eye strain.  Add Prevencia Blue Blocker Anti-Reflective Coating and feel the difference.  

    Occupational Eyeglasses: Pilots, mechanics and electritians are good examples of people who may be interested in an occupational lens because a lot of the work they perform is above them. An occupational lens has two “segs” (refer to Bifocal above) one at the top of the lens and another at the bottom of the lens and is sometimes referred to as a “double D” lens.

    Hobbies: Do you enjoy cross-stitching, jewelry making, crafts, or reading for long periods of time? You may want to consider a pair of reading glasses. Sometimes a pair of “readers” are adequate, but more than likely your two eyes have a different prescription, so it’s better to have them custom made and fit to you for optimum comfort and vision.

    Safety Eyeglasses: These eyeglasses protect your eyes when you’re working around flying debris or power tools. They must be made with impact resistant lenses for maximum protection. Safety frames are stronger than the typical dress eyewear.

    Sports Eyeglasses: These glasses also protect your eyes while you enjoy your favorite sport. The lenses must be made with an impact resistant lens for maximum protection. The type of sport may determine the color of the lens and are a must have for the athlete. No matter the sport you participate in, sports glasses should be worn!! The lenses and frames are stronger than regular dress eyewear and are meant to protect your most valuable feature!!

    Additional Lens Treatments:

    • Anti-reflective coating (AR)-reduces the internal and external reflections on the lens allowing approximately 11% more light to pass through the lens which improves your quality of vision. Anti-reflective coatings also reduce unwanted glare and halos at night. Cosmetically, AR coats make the lenses appear invisible and thinner. In our opinion, the top quality AR technology that we offer has improved dramatically. They now feature a more scratch resistant quality and are the most scratch resistant lens available. We recommend AR be considered by everyone, but especially by people with high prescriptions, poor night vision, or those in a profession in which appearance is important or public speaking is common.
    • Scratch resistant coating-no lens is scratch-proof!! This coating, however, will make lenses harder to scratch when dropped or rubbed against a hard surface.
    • Ultra-violet (UV) treatment-is a treatment applied to lenses to protect against harmful UV light that can contribute to the development of cataracts, macular degeneration, and skin cancer that can develop on the sensitive skin of the eyelids. We recommend this on ALL eyeglass purchases unless your lens material/option already has UV blocking quality.

    Transition Lenses– are activated by the exposure to UV light, the very same thing they protect against. Transitions™ automatically “adjust as light conditions change to provide the appropriate level of [tint]” ( They also provide visual comfort by minimizing eye strain and fatigue. Since, modern windshields also block UV light, transition lenses, with the exception of the new Transition XTRActive, will not change inside your car. Transition lenses have made great strides in recent years. There are now four great options.1. Transition Signature: The Signature responds to UV light and instantly begin to darken when exposed to it and turn fully clear indoors.2. Transition XTRActive actually darken behind the windshield of the car and retain some color indoor for those that are light sensitive.3. Transition Vantage is the only lens that transitions into a polarized lens when exposed to UV and adapt to changing light.4. Transition DriveWear is a polarized lens that reduces glare while optimizing contrast and constantly adapting to lighting conditions. For more information on Transition products, go to or call us at 941-876-4400.