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April 29, 2020
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February 18, 2021

I am so proud and excited to announce our new and (much) improved business model – Simple EyeCare Seelutions. As long as we have been open, I have experienced and watched confusion and anxiety take over when patient’s sit down to order glasses. Each lens style is a different base price, lens material is an upcharge, anti reflection coatings have different levels with different upcharges, transitions is an upcharge, polarization is an uncharge……Very few of us can keep up with not only the new and important information regarding their vision, but the cost of it all. I compare it to shopping for a car when every single make, model, trim package, exterior color, and interior color are available for choosing, but not knowing the cost of said car until the transaction is ready to be finalized. This is standard across the optical industry and the procedure we followed since opening day. If the year 20/20 taught me anything, it was that open and honest communication goes a looooong way. With Everything. Always. We have never been a bait and switch establishment, we have always welcomed every patient with the intention to provide quality, affordable and comprehensive eye exams and glasses. What we have done is SIMPLIFY the exam and eyewear fitting process for both our patient’s and our staff. Our business is complex and full of a million little details. Those complex details are now packaged up and priced Simply. All lenses included in these packages are digital manufactured lenses by Shamir Optical Industry and include both scratch and frame warranties. These prices are for patient’s not using vision insurance benefits and are not eligible for any discounts. standardEYES – $456 or $38/month – Exam, Designer Frame, Digital Lens in any focal length (distance only, progressive, computer), thin and light Trivex material and anti-reflective coating. PersonalEYES – $696 annually oo $58/month – Exam, ANY FRAME IN OUR OPTICAL (literally not one frame excluded) including custom IGreen Eyewear, custom progressive lens (manufactured for each individual eye for each individual patient), trivex material and anti-reflective coating. CustomEYES – $816 annually or $58/month – The same as PersonalEYES, but with Transitions lenses light adjusting technology (Gen8 or Xtra Active) and a luxury anti-reflective coating. kidSEES – $336 annually or $28/month – Exam, kiddo frame and impact resistant lenses with anti-reflective coating. If your kiddos glasses go on an adventure to unknown locations, there is a one time full replacement of their same eyeglasses for a $75 flat fee. WE even have kiddo frames that change color in the sun. We offer packages that do not include exams – these are designed for patients with a prescription from an outside eye care professional or Dr. Hicks’ patients that want a second pair of eyewear. SeePort Rx Sunnies – $336 per pair or $28/month – Sunwear Frame (wrap included), polarized single vision or progressive lenses, anti-reflective coating with UV protection seeTECH Office or Computer Specialty Lenses – Frame and Specialty Computer Lenses with blue light absorbing properties and blue blocking anti-reflective coatings. These lenses are formulated based on Rx to maximize the clarity for jobs requiring mostly computer and paperwork tasks. THESE ARE LIFE CHANGING BTW. There are upgrades available if there is something that you want in addition to what we have included in the package. All upgrades are a FLAT $100. Simple! EASY MATH. To schedule an appointment, learn more cool eyeball stuff, view the different lens styles, try on eyeglasses from home or design your very own frame from thin air, visit our website Please feel free to contact me via email at if you have any questions or concerns. YEA! It’s all happening! On a personal note, I have been working on this for months. MONTHS. I am so excited and relieved to finally share and promote this really amazing concept for eyecare.

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