Simple Seelution EyeCare

Simple Eye Exam and Eyeglasses Package Pricing

Dr. Hicks and Annie have taken the guesswork and difficult decisions out of the SeePort Experience so our patients can FOCUS on the fun part – style.  Simple EyeCare Seelutions are designed to include an eye exam, designer or custom frames, digital lenses for any prescription, and thin materials and coatings that help provide clearer vision.  No more adding up charges for lenses, coatings, frames, exam, etc……  Our eye exam and eyeglasses pricing structure include all lens styles and focal lengths.  Single Vision, Lned Bi-Focals, Progressive Lenses, Computer Specialty lenses, and polarized sunglasses are all available in the standardEYES package – $456 annually or $38/month.  Not Sure what lenses you need?  Click here to visit our lenses page for real view examples of the different lens styles.  

The standardEYES Seelution

  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Designer Frames
  • All Focal Lengths included
  • Specialty Lenses
  • Trivex Material – Thin and Light
  • Anti Reflective Coating

standardEYES – Exam, Frame and Lenses based on Rx

$456 Annually or $38/month

The customEYES Seelution

  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Any Frame (including custom) included
  • Progressive Lenses Designed for Each Patient 
  • Trivex Material with Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Transitions Light Adjusting Technology

customEYES – Exam, Frame and Lenses

$816 Annually or $68/Month

Kiddos Super Eyes!

  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Your Kiddo’s Favorite Kiddo Frame
  • Single Vision Lens in polycarbonate
  • Anti Reflective Coating
  • one word…warranties

kidSEES – Exam, Frame and Lenses

$336 Annually or $28/Month

Available Upgrades

  • Blue Light Blocking Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Mirror Coating on Polarized Lenses
  • Custom or Luxury Frame

Upgrades Available

$100 – All Options

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses


  • Wrap or Fashion Sunglasses Frame
  • Single Vision or Progressive Lenses
  • Anti-Reflective Coating with UV Protection
  • Polycarbonate Material

SeePort Sunnies – Frame and Lenses

$336 Per Pair or $28/month

Computer Specialty Frames and Lenses

  • Essential Frames
  • Digital Computer Lens
  • Trivex Material 
  • Anti Reflective Coating
  • Blue Blocking and Absorbing Technology

SEEtech – Frame and Lenses

$336 per Pair or $28/Month

unCLEAR about which lens design your vision needs?

Simple EyeCare Seelutions include packages without an exam as well.  These are designed for patients who would like a second pair of eyeglasses (for example, polarized sunglasses!) or potential patients with a current and valid prescription from a different eye care professional.  These packages are available for $336 per pair or $28/month.  

Patients who choose to divide their payments in 12 equal installments will incur a $120 administration fee due the day of service for processing.  We require this in order to cover our costs for the additional set up and additional risk involved when issuing credit.  There are no other differences between the two payment options! 


Standard With Every Package:
  • Trivex material – Thin and lightweight, and impact resistant.  
  • Anti-Reflective Coating – Improves clarity of vision by reducing glare.  All Anti-Reflective Coatings include a scratch resistant property to them, protecting lenses and providing replacement when needed.
  • Digital Lens Designs – Each Lens is manufactured for each patient based on Rx, Frame Selection, and patient’s lifestyle.
  • Upgrades – Our packages were designed to include as many benefits in each price point.  If you want additional coatings or a frame not included in the package, there is a flat $100 upgrade cost based on your style.  For example, if you choose the StandardEYES package, but want to add Transitions light adjusting technology, there will be a $100 cost due day of service. 
  • Warranties
    • Most warranties can begin processing with a simple call to the office or an email to  We will contact you when the item arrives, just make sure to bring your damaged eyewear with you to the dispensing appointment.   
    • Warranty processing requires a $10 shipping and handling charge. 
    • Frame – Every frame has at least a 1 year warranty for manufacture’s defects.  Some frame lines offer a no questions asked warranty, just bring us a piece of the frame and we can replace it.  This includes any frame from our children’s selection. 
    • Lenses – All of our packages include an anti-reflective coating with a 2 year scratch warranty.  If your lenses become scratched or otherwise damaged, we will replace them with new lenses.