The Medical Eye Care Solution

At SeePort Optometry we have always believed in offering the best products at reasonable prices to our patients. With so many expenses in today’s world, we have found that it can be difficult to choose between what is best for your eyes and what is best for your budget. That’s why we have designed SeePort Solutions to help our patients spread out the cost of eyewear, contact lenses and eyecare over the course of a year. With a $100 set-up fee and the first two months installments, you become part of the SeePort Solutions family. You will then be able to customize your eyecare by choosing the Solution or a combination of Solutions that best fits your needs. We invite you to become part of our Solution for comprehensive vision care and quality eyewear customized for your eyes and your budget.  Patients in the Solution will save an average of $190 per year. 


Dry-Eye Solution—$38/month

  • Annual Comprehensive Eye Exam with Dilation
  • Up to 3 additional office visits throughout the term.
  • One pair of Punctal Plugs
  • 4 boxes of artificial tears
  • 1 box Blephadex Wipes or equivalent
  • 1 reusable Dry Eye Relief Mask (DERM)

Glaucoma Solution—$38/month

  • Annual Comprehensive Eye Exam with Dilation
  • Office Visits—Pressure checks
  • Retinal photography
  • Nerve fiber analysis via Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy (OCT)
  • Threshold Visual Field